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First of all. You need to make image = I will order my original bag which is no one has.
However, you need not to take it too seriously. The main points are color, shape, and size.
( color : you are able to choose from 7 standard colors )

Then, you will choose hard leather or soft one. In addition, it is able to put pockets and zippers.
But, it is physically impossible sometimes ; it is depends on the place to put it.
So, tell and ask me the details. ( When you ask about it, prepare the sketch or a clipping, and
send me a FAX or a letter, please. Just in case I make a mistake. )

By the way, when you ordered a bag, I think the most anxious thing is the price.
Basically, it is depends on the size of the bag. For example, the size of turn A4 file sideways
bags are around 30,000yen.



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