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Cancellation of an order

I will make just your sized belt which is the size from under 60cm to over 100cm length.

1. Choose the color of your belt
Color samples (Camel, Coffee, Black, Chocolate, Wine, Red, Green)

2. Decide its width
20-50mm ( Generally, 30-35mm wide belts are fit for suits. )

3. Choose its buckles
You are able to choose from more than 50 kinds of buckles.
And also, it is possible to bring your buckles.
※Buckles lists are here.  1 2 3

4. Choose to attach stitches or not
To attach stitches to the edge of the belt.  Details are here

5. Decide its length
Please check your size tag or measure around your waist.


Please look at here if you like to know about the price.



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